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Reach your fitness and nutrition goals together with me!

No more someday. No more somehow.


I help busy professionals perform on their top level with personalized, easy-to-follow, science-based nutrition program and fun, sweaty workouts.


Fun and creative workout sessions with me in the gym or outside.

Can’t meet locally? No problem!

I will create a personalized workout program for you and you can sweat on your own.


Never diet again and stop counting macros!

I will teach you how to shop and prepare delicious meals and stop having late night cravings.

Travel often? I will show you how you can eat clean even in the airport and your hotel.


Going alone is hard.

Let me be your accountability partner and count on me when you feel down or want to order a huge pizza.

Together we will make you a hero!


My initial approach was like most new personal trainers — give a client meal and workout plans, and wait for the body to do its magic.

It doesn’t take into account the person, the human, the complex set of emotions, and years of ingrained personal habits.

We are not machines, and life happens. We must continuously take this into account as we work together to achieve your health and fitness goals.

We’ll collaborate on the best route to take because you know your life and body better than anyone else. You are the driver and I’m the passenger, helping you navigate through fad diets, nutrition jargon, and all the weird machines in the gym.

Yes, we might miss a few exits along the way, hit a couple road bumps, run out of gas, and probably spill some coffee, but we’ll eventually get to our destination safe and sound. You’ll look back in the rear view mirror and be proud of how far you’ve come. If you’re ready to go on this journey together, then let’s talk!


Just give me a quick call or drop a text and I will get back to you super fast!

+1 323 364 8208


Fill in this short form, tell me about your goals and let’s do it!


Growing up I always imagined myself doing big things, chasing dreams and changing people’s lives 😄

Fast forward 20 years and I was working as a business developer. Not exactly dream come true.

I eventually came to a fork in the road. Continue to live dissatisfied or rediscover how I truly want to live?

With the guidance of one of my closest friends I took the leap and pursued my passion for fitness and wellness and never looked back.

Becoming a trainer has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

As much as I enjoy learning about fitness and nutrition, helping others become the best version of themselves gives me greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

Because of you, I wake up every day with purpose and drive.

Bi-weekly updates on nutrition, physical training, and wellness.


Fitness and Nutrition Coach

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